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The art I create is my passion & it ranges from one extreme of pure chainsaw carving to the other extreme, fine sculpture. I do live shows exhibiting the speed & ability to create art with a carving chainsaw. Most of my commissions are for what I term as "Chainsaw Sculpture" which is well beyond the normal "chainsaw Carving". I do a wide variety of art, mostly by commission & work with the private sector, schools & many community groups to develop "art with meaning". My favourite commissions are those that involve the "dearly passed" by creating a sculpture that memorializes these very special people(s). If you have an old growth tree trunk destined to be removed it can be given a second life by sculpting it into something meaningful or attractive or if it turns out you don't have a tree destined for this I have a wide assortment of sizes & types of logs available of which I hand pick myself. I can create almost anything imaginable from the logs I have selected.

Welcome to my Website & hope you enjoy your visit! All of my sculptures are created using old growth trees & "Found" wood of which gives natures original creations, a second life. My Creations range from purely chainsaw carving to fine sculpture commissions. The "Chainsaw art" which is normally done as a performance art is where I create a scupture of almost anything imaginable within a 1 to 2 day or more, time period. On the other end of the spectrum of creation is the finer sculpture, whereas, the time involved can range from a couple of days to weeks of labour. Almost anything can be created through the communication between myself & the person(s) commissioning the piece of art work. Through my use of specialty epoxies & coatings, the piece can be sculpted much lighter or thinner to sustain proportional realism to pieces of which the ambient strength of the wood is insufficient. I teach Chainsaw Sculpture privately & also teach an accredited Chainsaw Sculpture introductory course each summer at theHaliburton School of the Arts. What is possible to create is only limited by the imagination! This is a link to my original website of which there are many examples done in a "step by step" format for those wanting to learn or see how a sculpture develops, from the log, to the final product My Website . A few more links to examples of my passion & this is where I post the latest sculptures I am working on 

What can be created is only limited by the imagination as I do create the following: Sculptures of realism, abstract, caricatures, cartoons, mechanical of all sorts. I build small & large scale slab tables, chairs, benches, bars, custom designed signs, outdoor washrooms, gazebos, sheds & make use of a lot of natures own art with curved logs & stumps. If you have an idea I am sure we can work together to make it a reality!


I teach Beginner, intermediate & advanced chainsaw sculpture & power carving classes, on demand as well as scheduled classes throughout the year so if your interested, please contact me directly.

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